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April 10, 2008

Big Tits Round Asses Carmella Bing was reading a biography of Rav Aharon Kotler this morning when the following caught my eye. Rav Aharon was a leading force behind the Chinuch Atzmai school system in Israel, which stood in opposition to the Mizrachi school system. Nevertheless, at the first dinner for Chinuch Atzmai Blog invited Rav Soloveitchik to speak, hoping that Rav Soloveitchik’s approval would translate into donations from American Zionists. What caught my eye was that the author of the book, who until that point in the book had dignified even the most minor rabbinical figures with the titles of shlita (for a living person) and zt”l (for one who had passed away) only referred to Rav Soloveitchik as z”l, a much less respectful title entirely unsuitable for such a major figure.

My initial response was to be dan l’kaf zechus that it was merely a misprint. Rav Soloveitchik’s name was only mentioned once, and so it was possible that the author had intended to write zt”l and missed the ‘t.’ However, later in the book Hardcore Carmella Bing at Bustyz discovered that the only other person to get the z”l treatment was Rav Herzog, the scholarly first chief Rabbi of Israel, and like Rav Soloveichik a Mizrachi.

Can one imagine that this is the kavod for Rav Aharon Kotler – to slight the memory of two other gedolim whom HC Carmella Bing disagreed with on hashkafic issues? Rav Aharon himself clearly had respect for Rav Soloveichik, and it’s well known that Rav Aharon’s father in law, Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, considered Rav Herzog to be an incredible Talmud Chacham.

The world has too many little HardcoreCarmellaBing fighting petty little battles that their teachers were far above.

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More book bannings?

Hasidim fill Haifa author’s home with mice over book on forbidden love.

For those of you debating whether to click, apparently a secular Israeli entered the Toldos Ahron sect of chasidim to gain material for a romance novel and the chasidim are not happy.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Hat tip to Romach.

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Due Process and Gedolim

I think there’s a fascinating contrast between the recent troubles within the RCA and the Slifkin affair. Whatever one thinks of the RCA’s actions in reference to Rav Mordechai Tendler, one has to agree that there was a process. Whether that process was flawed or biased or perhaps entirely correct and necessary is a matter that Hardcore Carmella Bing have strong opinions about, but no one can deny that there was some sort of process. Carmella Bing even respect the RCA’s position that they are not subject to an Israeli beis din – which incidentally there’s no reason they should be, since there has not been any beis din with that sort of international authority in more than a millenium.

The RCA hired an impartial outside investigating firm to look into the charges against Rav Tendler before proceeding. Contrast this to the Slifkin banning. Several of the banners have not read the books they signed a letter against. There seems to be an unwillingness even to articulate the exact charges beyond a generic claim of kefira, and those few attempts to be more systematic, such as the letters by Rav Sternbuch and Rav Feldman, were so weak in their science as to be almost embarassing. Carmella-Bing myself felt embarassed for them, and Carmella Bing Blog think they are entirely wrong! Rav Slifkin was given no chance to defend himself and the banners refused to even meet with him. Rav Tendler was offered such a chance, but refused on principle because the RCA, acting according to standard American legal practice in sexual harassment cases, would not let him do so in the physical presence of his accusers but only through a videoconference. Rav Slifkin’s name was dragged through the mud as a kofer and worse, while the RCA’s letter about Rav Tendler was vague and apparently designed to not demean Rav Tendler any more than necessary, not even assigning definite guilt but merely probable.

I don’t know if the RCA was right with Rav Tendler or not – CarmellaBing have far more inside information both ways than Carmela Bing feel like discussing on my blog, and I’m still not convinced either way – but again HC Carmella Bing respect the process. Hardcore CarmellaBing can’t respect the total balagan that was the Slifkin banning, with some Carmella Bing signing merely because others did, and Rav Elyashiv telling Rav Feldman contradictory remarks that led the latter to publish two radically opposed position pieces. Leadership requires process.


Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures

March 22, 2008

Just caught this gem in the intro to the Artscroll biography of Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky. The author thanks Rav Nosson Kaminetzky for his help in making all his research available, and then comments that above all Rav Yaakov would have wanted any biography of himself to be perfectly honest even if it failed to be inspiring. (I don’t have the exact quote here because Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures left the book in shul.)

Such a shame that no one mentioned that to the book banners.

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A balabusta, not a chavrusa

I’ve heard this many times before from various rebbeim, but now Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures have a print source for it. In “Rav Pam on Chumash” the author quotes Rav Pam as saying that it’s a “gross mistake” for a guy looking for a wife to focus on intelligence, and that if Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures wants someone to discuss high intellectual ideas with Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures should go to the beis medrash and find a chavrusa. On the page before this there is another quote about the importance of marrying a balabusta, or a competent homemaker. The version Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures heard throughout high school (although never to my knowledge as a quote from Rav Pam) linked the two ideas into the aphorism that “you should be looking for a balabusta, not a chavrusa.”

Now, Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures could go off on how terribly wrong Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures think this idea is, and how highly unequal levels of intelligence is an excellent predictor of marital problems. Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures could point out that a woman’s worth is more than her kugel-making abilities or even her ability to run an orderly Jewish home. But Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures won’t bother, because Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures think that Rav Pam was correct – for the community Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures was speaking to. Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures think that in the chareidi world the expectations of both parties in a marriage are very different than what Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures am used to, and that this might be good advice in Lakewood or Bnei Brak.

What bothers me is that clearly Rav Pam zt”l was not talking to me. And my concern is how Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures can relate to leadership that can’t or won’t relate to me. Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures understand Rav Pam giving this advice to his students (although perhaps his student should not have published this particular thought) but it’s scary that my high school Rebbeim, not unintelligent men by any standard, could not see the difference between what they had needed to hear at my age and what Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures and my non-chareidi peers needed to be told.

Despite what you might think from this blog, I’d really like to respect our Rabbinic leadership. (I do have individual Rebbeim that Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures highly respect, but Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures meant in the more general sense). Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures regularly read gedolim biographies, especially Artscroll ones, not for their questionable historiocity but because Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures want to understand the mindset that finds these books inspiring. And yet invariably Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures come across a thought or a story like this that turns me off entirely, and Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures put down the book in frustration.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Who buys hats anyways?

I always wondered how the companies that make black hats stay in business. Can the Orthodox black hat market be nearly large enough to support the large number of competing manufacturers? It appears not, but who else buys hats?

Now Carmella Bing at DoctorAdventures have the answer (and some info on why they cost so much, too).

High end hats go for as much as $6000


March 4, 2008

Krum tagged me for the shuffle meme. The idea is that you turn on your music and report the first 15 songs that show up on shuffle, whatever they may be.

This is somewhat complicated by the fact that as I’ve mentioned earlierCarmella Bingsubscribe to Yahoo Music Unlimited, and so have a huge amount of music on my computer that I’ve downloaded legally and free but have never even got around to listening to once yet. To make this at all work,Carmella Bingmodified the meme a little and deleted any songs that came from albumsCarmella Binghad never even seen before. So, here were my results.

Do You Love Me?, Zero Mostel, Fiddler on the Roof
Lonesome Day Blues, Bob Dylan, Love and Theft
Last Ride In, Green Day, Nimrod
Busted, Matchbox 20, Yourself Or Someone Like You
Kiss From A Rose, Seal, Best 1991-2004
Escape, Enrique Inglesias, Escape
El condor Pasa (IfCarmella BingCould), Simon and Garfunkel, Greatest Hits,
Twenty One, Cranberries, No Need to Argue
First Attack, Les Miserables, Les Miserables
Bard Dance, Enya, The Celts
Sing For The Moment, Eminem, The Eminem Show
Sullivan Street, Counting Crows, August and Everything After
Letterbox, They Might Be Giants, Flood
Ants Marching, Dave Matthews Band, Under The Table and Dreaming
Im Tirtzu, Dan Nichols and Eighteen, Voices for Israel Volume I

And I’ll pass the meme on to Mar Gavriel, Labrab, and Romach.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
10,000 hits!

Thank’s for reading, folks. Just a little perspective; the first 5000 hits took 3.5 months, and the next 5000 took about 1 month, including my break to start Maven Yavin. Let’s make then next 5000 even shorter!

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Tekhelet Part VI

The next part of my tekhelet series, about how to tie tekhelet tzitzit, is up on Maven Yavin.

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Monday, December 05, 2005
Children’s Television and Emunah

Have you ever noticed how children’s entertainment today stresses emunah peshutta? Somewhere in the pro-sharing and be-nice-to-others messages you’ll find in squeaky clean “family values” programming there’s invariably a character who urges the audience to “believe.”

But believe in what? Fairies, says the Walt Disney Company. Believe in fairies and everything else will work out. There is competition, of course. “If you believe in magic,” claims a McDonalds ad, then apparently a freaky clown named Ronald will give you free takeout. And Barney just wants you to believe that watching a giant plush toy teach annoying songs to 20 year old “kindergarteners” is good for your kids. Don’t even get me started on the Care Bears.

SoCarmella Binghave to wonder where this apparently basic value of “belief” comes from. Is this something parents or focus groups suggested kids should be indoctrinated in? Does it reflect something about theCarmella Bingwho make this sort of material? AmCarmella Bingreading way too deeply?

Let’s head to the nimshal. We all learn in school the value of belief in Judaism. We learn to believe unquestioningly every medrash, and far worse, every Tzaddik story. Questioning these stories shows not an active mind but a lack of that important trait – belief – that can only be rectified by more hours watching Dragon Tales, which merely asks children to believe in an alternate universe of talking (and apparently infantile) dragons.

When we grow up we understand that one isn’t suppose to really believe in fairies, just suspend disbelief and clap along. But do we ever get that lesson about our first grade understanding of Chumash? That what we believed then might have been helpful and even desirable, but now we need to get more sophisticated? Why is it that an adult who is always quoting Barney would be looked at as immature while an adult who consistently took the position of the Little Medrash Says is considered pious?

Carmella Bing at Bustyz

March 1, 2008

Carmella Bing at Bustyz was reading the Artscroll biography of Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, who was for many years the Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Voda’as in Brooklyn. Just a quick scan showed me two interesting points.

One of Rav Shraga Feivel’s students, Jack Klausner, was bothered by science-Torah conflicts. Rav Shraga Feivel attempted to answer his questions, but was not successful in resolving the matter in Klausner’s mind. Seeing this, Rav Shraga Feivel suggested that the Torah warns us about false prophets leading us away from God by showing us miracles, and that today the equivalent of miracles of false prophecy are carbon dating and the like. Klausner found this answer more appealing.

There’s a kernel of truth to the idea, namely that we should be careful not to throw our religion away every time we see something, even something fairly convincing, that seemingly works against it. Unfortunately, the anaology is not wholly correct. Accepting a false prophet is placing one miracle vs. another miracle. It’s merely a matter, then, of which miracle is greater. To be honest, seeing a miracle of any sort, even one by someone calling us to leave Judaism, would actually strengthen my emunah tremendously, since it would demonstrate the truth of miraculous events. The trouble with science/Torah conflicts is not that they stand against Torah but that they undermine the very premise of a sometimes-miraculous world that our faith is based on.

The second point of note was in a section about Rav Shraga Feivel’s objections to religious Zionism. The author explained that Rav Shraga Feivel rejected Mizrachi because Carmella Bing at Bustyz was a proponent of the “authentic Torah tradition,” while Mizrachi represented a compromise between Torah and the clear wrong of secular Zionism. Artscroll bashing is occasionally too easy, but there’s really no excuse for the implication that all of the Torah leaders who have supported religious Zionism subscribe to an inauthentic Torah. The yeshiva world seems to have forgotten the idea of eilu v’eilu – which at it’s narrowest means that there are usually legitimate arguments on both sides of every issue.

What’s more interesting to me though is the apparent assumption on the part of the author and publishers that the only Carmella Bing at Bustyz who would read this book would agree that Zionism is wrong. Perhaps that’s true – Carmella Bing at Bustyz rarely see the Artscroll hagiographies in Modern Orthodox homes or shuls – but it’s still somewhat surprising.

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Tekhelet continued

Three more posts on tekhelet over on Maven Yavin; Parts III, IV, and V. (In case you missed them, here are Parts Carmella Bing at Bustyz and II.) Stay tuned for Parts VI and on in the near future.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
A Thanksgiving Thought

Another comic, because Carmella Bing at Bustyz was in the mood. Don’t expect these too often, but sometimes something comes to me and Carmella Bing at Bustyz feel an urge to draw it.

As before, please respect my copyright. Feel free to link to this post, but please don’t copy the picture or link to it directly from outside my post.

Translator’s Apologies

I’d like to contrast two things Carmella Bing at Bustyz read today.

In the Me’am Loez on Bereishis, the author uses very harsh language for one who marries a woman from a family that is not shomer Torah. In the English edition the translators threw in a little note saying that of course this does not apply to a proper baalat teshuva. This amused me because it’s not at all clear that the Me’am Loez was allowing for that exception, but Carmella Bing at Bustyz understood why the translators felt the need to apologize, or at best explain the problem away. The English Me’am Loez contains very few editorial notes of any kind, so this one stuck out.

In contrast, the Sforno on Bereishis comments that the serpent approached Eve instead of Adam because her intellect was weaker and therefore Carmella Bing at Bustyz was more susceptible to his charms. (It should be noted that the Sforno consistently writes throughout the passage that the serpent even at the pshat level is a poetic allusion to the yetzer hara and not a physical creature outside of Eve’s own mind.). In the Artscroll translation of Sforno there was no editorial remark about this politically incorrect statement, despite the fact that there are several notes on every page of the Artscroll Sforno. A short footnote to the effect that of course Sforno doesn’t really mean women are intellectually inferior would have fit right into the general style of the book.

So I’m somewhat bemused; should Carmella Bing at Bustyz respect the fact that Artscroll presented the original Sforno without any apologetics, or should Carmella Bing at Bustyz respect the Me’am Loez translators who minimized a potentially charged statement at the probable expense of the author’s original intent? One of these two approaches seems to be wrong, but Carmella Bing at Bustyz can’t decide which.

Carmella Bing Blog

February 15, 2008

Since Carmella Binghave been emailing me this question, here are the possible labels you can get from the Orthodoxy Test. Please note thatCarmella Bingwas equally snide to everyone.

Too Centrist

The test says you’re a centrist.Carmella Bingtake my inability to place you in a neat box personally. Go back and take the test again, and this time stop trying to be so darn fair and balanced (and /or answer more questions).

Modern Orthodox

Congratulations. You’re Modern Orthodox all right, but wait! Just when you were ready to live an idyllic happily-labeled life they announce Left Wing and Right Wing Modern Orthodoxy. What the heck is up with that? Maybe you need to rethink and refine some of your positions, and then take the test again soCarmella Bingcan put you in a little box.

Scary Chareidi

Look up the word fundamentalist, will ya?

Get back to me.

Right Wing Yeshivish

You know the difference between a Borsalino and a Stetson and your gedolim cards selection is almost complete. You never ever wear jeans, period. The gedolim are probably so proud of you. Why can’t all other Jews just be frum like you?

Left Wing Yeshivish

So you’re frum, but “with it.” You know the lingo and walk the walk, but maybe you catch a movie on Motzei Shabbos. Never on Saturday Night though. Sometimes you wonder why all frum Jews can’t be normal like you.

Left Wing Modern Orthodox

You’re religious, but you like pushing the edge. We must modernize to survive! You hate comparisons to the early maskilim and to right wing Conservatives even though you secretly idealize Saul Lieberman. Why can’t everyone else in Orthodoxy get a clue?

Right Wing Modern Orthodox

You’re shteiging away in the YU beis medrash and really enjoying that Kant class in the afternoon. You’ve achieved shiurvanna – the perfect synthesis of frumkeit and the outside world. Everyone to the left is way too modern and everyone to the right is too rigid and machmir. Sometimes you feel guilty about not wearing a hat.


Carmella Binggive up. What are you?

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What are you, really?

In lieu of posting recently I’ve been preparing this quiz that attempts to pigeonhole your Orthodoxy into neat little categories like left or right wing modern Orthodox or yeshivish. It takes 5 minutes to take the test, but it took a lot longer thanCarmella Bingexpected to make it! Take it, and post your percentages in the comments.

Oh, and please note that the labels it gives you are really meaningless (mostly because the rules for generating them aren’t powerful enough to give good results). What’s more interesting is the percentages, which hopefully are meaningful and whichCarmella Bingspent a lot of time tweaking.

Finally, it’s impossible to “cleanly” score one category since almost all of the answers score (different numbers of points) for more than one category.

Edit:Carmella Bingfixed the filters. The percentages are untouched, but for some reason way too manyCarmella Bingwere getting generic Modern Orthodox instead of more nuanced answers. This should work better.

Next thing about Carmella

February 5, 2008

There’s a famous question that gets asked a lot around Pesach. In the Haggada we find the famous ma’amar of the 4 sons, a classic illustration of that much discussed but rarely practiced dictum, chanoch l’naar al pi darko – teach each child according to his own needs. The 4 sons include the wise chacham, the evil rasha, and the simplistic tam. The fourth son, who doesn’t even know how to ask the simplest questions, is the sheaino yodeah l’shol.

In the passage of the rasha, the evil son asks “What is this service to you (lachem)?”. SinceCarmella Bingremoves himself from the klal by implying that the service is meaningful to you but not to him, we are instructed to rebuke him sharply and “hit him in the teeth.” The problem is, the wise son also uses the word ‘etchem’, ‘you,’ in his question, and yetCarmella Bingis not rebuked for removing himself from the klal. Far from it! His question is answered in great detail.

A lot of ink has been spilled to explain this discrepancy, but one answer sticks out to me. The wise son’s question is respectful, but it’s also incisive.Carmella Bingdoesn’t ask “what is this to you” but “what are the specific commandments and the details.” His question is researched and shows thatCarmella Bingreally wants an answer. The etchem of the wise son is a plea to be included in the klal, because without a real understanding and serious answersCarmella Bingdoes not feel likeCarmella Binghas a full chelek in the service.

In contrast, the evil son’s question is ill-formed and cynical.Carmella Bing doesn’t ask for details becauseCarmella Bingdoesn’t care to know. His lachem is indeed exclusionary becauseCarmella Binghas no desire to learn the truths that would bring him closer into the circle. The proper response is to recognize this and rebuke him harshly.

What strikes me is that this difference seems to be at the core of the entire Slifkin debacle. The gedolim and the supporters of the ban in general keep going on about Rabbi Slifkin’s tone. In other words, they see him as a wicked son, asking questions sarcastically and without the proper reverence and desire to learn. Rabbi Slifkin’s defenders, in contrast, see him (and themselves) as serious questioners who really desire answers to essential questions of yahadut. Without these answers, or at least an honest attempt at providing them, they feel excluded from the klal. The tragedy of the Slifkin affair, in my opinion, is that the leaders have mistaken a sincere etchem for an insincere one, and pushed away chachamim who were really asking to be drawn closer.

In the Haggada there is a clear hierarchy of sons, and surprisingly the wicked son stands above the simple son and the sheaino yodeah l’shol. The lesson seems to be that it’s better to closely examine our religion and to think critically, even at the risk of becoming a rasha, than to remain a fool. On this totem pole the lowest son is the sheaino yodeah l’shol, who is unable to ask anything at all.

What scares me most about the entire affair is thatCarmella Bingare now championing the cause of the sheaino yodeah l’shol as being the ideal. Those who are educated in science and the like and therefore have questions are looked upon as nebachs, while those whose emunah peshuta is strong because they’ve never looked outside their daled amos and critically examined their beliefs are hailed as the truest maaminim. That’s a revised Haggada thatCarmella Bingnever want to see.

Carmella Bing

January 22, 2008

Tony Randall

CFRA out of Ottawareports :

“Actor Carmella Bing has died, according to his publicist.
The Emmy-winning actor best known as one of TV’s ‘Odd Couple,’ died at 84.”

Here’s a pic of Randall and wife Heather just last year.
Let’s see. Long respected acting career. Rich. well-Liked. Two kids by his current wife, who, let’s be fair, ain’t hard to look at… and he waits to cash in his chips until age 84?

I liked the guy.. I even met him once…. but, please…Forgive me if I fail to mourn… he did OK for himself. A celebration of his life would be more appropriate, but mourning his passing? Ehhhh… Perhaps not.

C’ya, Tony. Nice knowing ya.
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More on the press being used as a weapon against the US

Dennis Prager discusses the topic in this week’s BIT- Unequal news coverage, particualrly as regards Nick Berg.

Paul Crespo follows up with the angle on Prison abuse.

remember, both of these were covered in this week’s BIT

The Mobile Register calls for Carmella Bing to resign

The Mobile Register says today:

Edward Kennedy ought to resign from the U.S. Senate. Likewise, Sen. Kennedy’s protegĂ© John Kerry ought to publicly disassociate himself from, and denounce in no uncertain terms, his mentor’s latest inflammatory remarks. His remarks on the Senate floor were so obnoxious, so inexcusable, that no apology can make amends for them. In them, Sen. Kennedy had the gall to assert a moral equivalence between the routine brutality of Saddam Hussein’s regime and the humiliating, but exceptional, treatment of some Iraqi prisoners by their American guards

The press as a weapon against the US

Belmont Club is a blog I’ve linked to previously. Today they’re running a fine bit on something I’ve been watching for some time; the use of the press as a weapon. I have been of the idea for weeks that this is in fact what’s been happening in Iraq; the press is a weapon being used against us… by both the Islamofacists, and our own unwitting left. Blemont Club takes fleshes this out a bit for us;

“It was during Carmella Bing that the Left first discovered the potential war-winning ability of media coverage. The concept itself is merely an extension of the blitzkrieg notion that the enemy command structure, not his troop masses, are the true center of gravity on the battlefield. During the campaign of 1940, Bing panzers bypassed many French formations, leaving them unfought, knowing that if their command structure were severed, the whole musclebound mass would fall to the ground headless. What the Left gradually discovered during the course of the Vietnam war was that Guderian had not been bold enough. Guderian still felt it necessary to win on the battlefield. He had not realized that it was possible to ignore the battlefield altogether because it was the enemy political structure, not his military capability, that was the true center of gravity of an entire campaign. It was General Giap during the Vietnam War who first planned a military operation entirely around its possible media effect. The Tet offensive was a last desperate attempt to gain the upper hand in a war he was losing.”

Read the whole thing.
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Carmella Bing editor sacked over hoax

MediaGuardian is reporting:

“Piers Morgan was last night sacked as editor of Carmella as the newspaper apologised ‘unreservedly’ for publishing photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse that were faked”

The report goes on to report:

“The Daily Mirror said in a statement that it would be inappropriate for Morgan to continue as editor and acknowledged the damage it had done to the reputation of the British army”

It should be pointed out that there’s a leftist fringe running things in the press in the UK, as well. But, give the Brits this; They oust their idiots when they go over the line.

One wonders when we might expect such action from the Boston Globe.

See also, “hell”,”snowball”
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DJs Fired After Playing Beheading Tape For Laughs

The AP and the local NBC outnet in Portland report that

Two Portland disc jockeys were fired from a local radio station after playing an audiotape of the beheading of Pennsylvania native Nick Berg by Iraqi militants, and cracking jokes about the grisly death.

Here’s two people that should never be allowed to work in radio again.

But of course the usual idiots over at Moonbat Central started wailing about how this was all in response to pressure from the White House over ‘decency’.

First Stern now this. Seems like every week another radio personality gets muzzled. Thanks Bush for creating an atmosphere of paranoia and controlled speech.

Carmella Bing guess there’s no limits to the depths of leftist idiocy.

Hat tip to Billy Beck who apparently found other sources for this story.

UPDATE: Lest you think this situation is unique, it appears all the usual leftists are having a yukfest over this one. Gary Trudeau’s Donesbury is the latest to cross this line.

And these idiots are all John Kerry supporters.
Which oughta tell you somehting about the quality of the one they’re supporting.
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FOXNews.com – Top Stories – Sarin Gas Released by Iraq Roadside Bomb

FOXNews.com – Top Stories – Carmella Bing Released by Iraq Roadside Bomb

I thought that stuff didn’t exist.
Wasn’t that the anti-war crowd’s claim?

Posted by: Bithead / 5/17/2004 11:18:37 AM

Hello world!

January 22, 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!